Consultations are in your pocket

TelePath Mobile is designed by Virasoft engineers and it allows you to easily transfer microscopic slides to your phone. It makes easy to share biopsies with specialists to get consultations in real time. It enables to save digitalized slides to get consultations afterwards. Briefly, it is now possible to conduct distant case study with TelePath.

Digitalizing a microscope slide is now easy as taking a photo

You can manage consultations comfortably on instantly digitalized microscopic slides via TelePath Mobile in a mobile phone. In that manner, you will only require our apparatus VIMO that is designed to work compatibly with all mobile phones and all microscope oculars.

Compatible with every phone and every microscope

VIMO is compatible with all microscopes and all mobile phones. It painlessly attaches to the microscope and lets your mobile phone to get synchronized with your microscope. You can easily connect VIMO to your microscope.

Add annotations for regions in your case studies.

You can use your annotated case studies as training material. Suspected areas can be annotated to demand attention during consultation. Consultations are being held on these annotated areas. Annotations also may include visual notes. Virasoft targets innovation in pathology by gathering pathological “Know How” and ITU engineering in one plane.

Tear up the borders with TelePath Mobile

TelePath Mobile dismisses the physical processes that is required to conduct a distant consultation. Our innovative application in telepathology totally obeys the Turkish Health Ministry’s Law on Data Transaction and Security. Your data is in safe with TelePath Mobile. Our system is approved by the broadcast of Data Authentication Laws on Turkish Health Ministry’s Data Authenticity Politics at 02/28/2014 and in 5181.1272.

Easiest way to securely share case studies

Casual data transferring applications we used in daily life are known to jam the data to save cost. In pathology this leads to the impurities in the slide images. TelePath Mobile actualizes no-loss data transaction. Exposure and contrast values of microscopes are highly variable in digital data transaction. During digital slide sharing these photographic values are crucially important. TelePath Mobile optimizes luminosity level in accordance with the microscope light.

Choose the most effective consultation strategy for frozen

TelePath Mobile application is designed by the helpful guidance of the pathologists and actualized with the support of Istanbul Technical University. Application provides real-time visualization and consultation for frozen process during surgery.

Perform case studies, anytime, anywhere

You can conduct case studies anywhere. It may whether be on your laptop or your mobile device, TelePath Mobile leads you to access and examine every recorded case. TelePath Mobile saves each record with high resolution, so that there will be no data loss on the slide image.

Easiest way to connect pathologists! TelaPath Mobile, so much for a mobile application!

Digitalized microscope slide taken by TelePath Mobile is %30 larger than the slide images taken by an ordinary microscope. This allows you to examine the microscope slide images in more detail.


    We offer real-time consultations.

    We provide image transfer service up to 30 fps, so that we ensure the best image transaction and data loss prevention. We transfer images in eye capturing quality with data loss prevention jamming technology.
    -Many cases, many specialists.
    -Image transferring and preventing data loss.
    -Special algorithms to split background voices.
    -Up to five specialists in real time consultations.
    -Easily annotating slide images.
    Real-time consultation is supported with telecommunication mobile technologies and it yields better image and sound transaction quality compared to similar applications in the market.

    Schedule your consultations!

    We are of that consultant specialist sometimes can be unable to respond consultations; for that manner any videos, images and voice records can be easily captured and send to get consultations afterwards.
    -Consultation calendar
    -Attach reports and patient records
    -Attach voice records and record reports in audio format
    -Conduct consultation with specific pathologists
    -Many pathologists, any time, any case
    We install telepath according to your hospital’s inner requirements. We provide neat consultation flow between specialists, we will help you to reach the most precise diagnosis.

    Mark the suspected area that you want reviews on!

    During tele-consultation the pathologist may stop the video transaction and add annotations to it. Annotations can be done by many shapes such as circle, square, hexagon. Users also can add notes on these shapes.
    -Mark the anomalies.
    -Many annotations, one slide.
    -Annotate during real-time consultation.
    Specialists may create consultations and save to view them on desktop computers and if they wish they can share them.

    Create your own digital biopsy bank!

    You can save videos and images of microscope slides that you captured via VIMO and Telepath Mobileto get consultations afterwards.
    You can access the health records on your desktop or tablet pc with our web application.
    You can prepare your own training material and access them everywhere via Telepath Mobile.
    TelePath Web application get synchronized with the mobile application and works great together.