ViraSoft is working and developing software for the healthcare sector and particularly Digital Pathology segment. Service businesses sell intangible products. They are usually more flexible than other types of businesses, but they also have higher labor costs and generally very little in fixed assets. The main purpose of ViraSoft is to deliver a system we call ‘Laboratory Information System (LIS)’, which is a total lab system that combines cytology/biopsy, consultancy, clinical process, diagnosis and tele-consultancy. We also deliver separated services of the LIS modules.

We develop pathology laboratories with very high patient safety and expert performance. Pathology; Biopsy, cytology, frozen, plus an additional 100 different tests. The tissues of the patient are tested by pathology laboratories in several stages. Managing and monitoring these steps by the hospital information system, ie automations, is difficult and not an effective way. Like most laboratories, pathology should be controlled by their own knowledge management systems.

And to solve these problems, ViraSoft develops Laboratory Information System (LIS) for Pathology laboratories. ViraSoft's LIS software is an information management system that covers all processes and workflows in the pathology. ViraSoft's LIS software enables pathologists to work more efficiently and efficiently, facilitating and accelerating pathological workflows and fast and accurate solutions in your laboratories.


  • Diagnosis functions and view other slides
  • Quantative analyses and display to macroscopic study
  • Reporting and management system
  • Consultations
  • Comparison of the results

  • Clinical information and information of the remaining time
  • Quick diagnosis and reporting

  • Easy tracking of patients
  • Tissue processing
  • Reporting of the recorded macroscopy
  • Access to macroscopic reporting
  • Archiving and reviewing previous case studies
  • Integration into HIS